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    Tinger T — is more than just a trailer
    Tinger T trailer can be coupled with any kind of off-road vehicles and used in extreme conditions, in any weather and any season. With the help of low-pressure tires the trailer is capable to handle any extreme terrain and traverse water obstacles. The amphibious Tinger T trailer is made of light, high-strength and impact-resistant composite material – high density polyethylene - that is rot- and rust-proof.

    In fact the Tinger T trailer is a real “workhorse” capable to transport up to 300 kg. Besides, the trailer may seat up to 8 persons. If necessary, it may be transformed into shelter tent for 3 persons. In winter time you can mount the ski kit and in severe weather – the water- and wind-proof tent.


    Specyfikacje techniczne

    trailer TS trailer T2 trailer T4
    Weight 140140170 kg
    Waga 300 kg
    Wymiary dł/sz/wys (mm) 2700х1565х754780780
    Height + low framework 113411601160 mm
    Height + high framework 175417801780 mm
    Wheel size АТ 25х12-9АТ 25х12-9
    Number of wheels 24
    Obudowa HDPE
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